How to use Natural Pink Pearl

1. How are pearls formed?
When a pearl is injured (for example, a grain of sand enters the mantle tissue), the mollusk, irritated by the intruder, forms a pearl sac of external mantle tissue cells and secretes the Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and Conchiolin to cover the irritant.
Whether it’s a natural or cultured (farmed) pearls, they are also the product of the process of “pain relief”, “self healing”. Because pearls were born from mollusk shell, they are absolutely good for health, we can use pearl powder to drink, to apply to the skin, to beautify without worrying about the side effects.

2. Excellent uses of pearl powder
The magical uses of pearl powder can be mentioned as:
– Cleanse and nourish the skin from within
– Lighten skin’s tone
– Reduce wrinkles, anti-aging
– Acne treatment
– Moisturize and relax the skin every night

3. Use pearl powder to nourish the skin
Pearl powder is proven to increase the fibroblasts of the skin, produce collagen, enhance blood circulation, and from that to a new, healthy complexion. The skin gets brighter, younger by the new fibroblasts and collagen; a rosy (pinkish) skin is a result from blood circulation under the skin; the skin surface is improved when all the wrinkles, minor lesions are healed, brown spots due to aging or sun exposure are faded.

4. The ingredients and benefits of Robert Williams Pink Pearl Body Lotion
Robert Williams Pink Pearl Body Lotion contains:
Pink Pearl Extract: Pink Pearl Extract produces collagen, boost blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin, give the skin a rosy pinkish membrane; HYDROLYZED JOJOBA ESTERS: Jojoba extracts have the ability to prevent acne bacteria, tighten pores, replenish moisture, prevent dehydrated skin, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E supplements; FERMENTED HONEY: honey is derived from rose wool roses help reduce melamine, help to lighten skin’s tone; ALUMINUM HYDROXIDE Titanium Nano: anti-UVB, this is a sunscreen component, protects the skin from the harmful effects of UVB rays.
All ingredients are officially imported from American Floratech or Iwase Japan

5. Directions to use Robert Williams Pink Pearl Body Lotion
Robert Williams Pink Pearl Body Lotion should be used 1-2 times per day right after shower and before bed.
After shower, get enough amount of Robert Williams Pink Pearl Body Lotion and apply entire the body, notice to apply a little more on the elbow, heels, knees. Massage gently 1-2 minutes until the essence is full absorbed into the skin, moisturize, protect the skin, make the skin healthy and brighten.

6. Noted
To protect your skin from the effects of sun exposure and other factors, you should use sunscreen when going out and exfoliating the skin with rice bran or coffee grounds 1-2 times per month.

7. Effectiveness
Must use Robert Williams Black Pearl Whitening Cream regularly for at least 29 days for the best result, you will see the skin becomes very smooth, rosy, the skin will be lighten up at least 1 tone.

8. Side effects
Robert Williams Black Pearl Whitening Cream has no side effects, but should be discontinued if skin develops itchiness or any irritation may occurs.

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